A morning at Melbourne's 100 Story Building

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100 stories; 2147 students 

100 Story Building serves more than 2000 students in Melbourne's public schools. Most are age 10 and under. ETC ETC ETC 

826 Boston releases its new book project with Washington High School



Classroom visits

826 Boston tutors are making weekly visit to the students of Washington High School. Their teacher, Jennifer Smith, collaborated with the staff to build a lesson plan that would allow students to follow their individual writing goals by using the the prompt, "My Family Is..."


Book release party

The book release party at the high school featured a meal donated by local cafe, student author readings and autographs, and an enthusiastic audience of 200+ parents and friends.

The Spirit of the Biennial of the Americas

In September, The Spirit of the Animals is in the Wheels made a special appearance at the Biennial of the Americas in Denver. Juan Martinez took the bison bicycle to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and took part in the Symposium of the Americas on a distinguished panel with Isaac Slade (The Fray), Ashley Bell (United States Peace Corps) and Elizabeth Alexander (Ford Foundaiton).


Symposium of the Americas

Artist Juan Martinez rode the pedal-powered bison  onstage at the Biennial of the Americas.